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For the past 4 years, I’ve gone to the Fancy Food Show, the Specialty Food industry’s premiere trade show. This year, 80,000 products will be exhibited. It’s a big show, with a lot of inspiration and a lot to see. For perspective, I hit 22,000 steps last year in the first day.

After a few years of going, I am starting to see distinct patterns emerge. Health claims, design cues, taste profiles, packaging and structures, and food forms start to stand out and as I have catalogued my findings each year, I am able to put together a strong perspective on what’s coming up, what brands believe consumers are looking for, and what may be on shelves soon.

Coupled with the institutional knowledge I now have from diving deep into Why Consumers Eat what they do with 100 Kitchens, and a lovely, delicious story starts to form.

Each year I summarize the findings and put together an in-depth summary. This year is destined to be better than ever. For $500, you can have your very own Fancy Food Show summary. I promise it’s worth it. Every last bite.

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