Summer Fancy Food Show 16 Highlights

To be clear, I did not attend the #sffs16 this year. Budgets and schedules were a little tricky and while I was interested, it simply wasn’t in the cards. I have been conducting a thorough digital sensing, reading just about every article I can find and troving Instagram for highlights along the way. Some inspirations to share…

Familiar with a twist

Familiar with a Twist
Familiar food forms with a slight twist make strong entries in the aisles of more than 2670 exhibitors. The spicy honey, in particular, from Bushwick Kitchen, caught the attention of many in the blogosphere, with the idea that honey is HUGE. I’d reframe it and say that most farmers’ markets and natural sweetener aisles have their share of honey, but honey with heat? Nice twist Bushwick Kitchen. The spicy granola is a similarly-minded twist, especially in the increasingly competitive granola world. There’s no reason granola can’t compete with nuts as a snack, and I think Bad Seed is just the brand to make a splash. April’s Maple cotton candy that’s shelf-ready and naturally sweet seems to appeal to the Millennial Mom looking for a treat she can trust. Delish!

Simply Zesty

Simply Zesty
Zatar shows up on a chipor snack here and there, but finally, we see it ready for prime time. A simple seasoning, much like the Everything Bagel spice seasoning from King Arthur Flour, that adds flavor to so many foods: vegetables, toasts, avocado toasts, even yogurt. What we love about Brooklyn Dehli’s Rhubarb Ginger sauce is the pairing of two ingredients that we know make tastebuds tingle. As sriracha wanes slightly, other seasonings seem poised to have their moment.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 2.35.09 PM

Oh to Be a Chickpea Farmer
I’ve often thought that the grain-free, Paleo world we live in, would make chickpeas the next big thing. And several creative minds have taken that vision to the max. As a miso substitute? A cinnamon toast flavored snack? And how about a replacement for breadcrumbs? Chickpeas are more than hummus and have staying power. You heard it here first!

That’s my take for today. Thoughts to share?

Bon appetit!

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