Inspiration is Everywhere

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A wise person shared this perspective: “Inspiration comes from everywhere. I guarantee I can find inspiration from anyone, including this little guy right here.” and he gestured to a 7-year old boy walking past us.
Those words came from Ari Weinzwig, one of the co-founders of Zingerman’s Community of Businesses. Ari, who with Paul Saginaw, founded the much lauded delicatessan, chatted with us at the Zingerman’s Roadhouse in Ann Arbor, Michigan, one chilly February evening.
For 13 years, I have ate, shopped and generally obsessed over Zingerman’s. It is to the point that each February, I convince a group of fellow Cincinnatians to join my family in a weekend getaway to Ann Arbor, where the main event is the purchase of dozens of Zingerman’s potpies. This year, we included a visit to 5 Zingerman’s establishments, all within 24 hours.
I personally am so obsessed because every visit to this humble yet highly regarded establishment, finds me learning something new about food and service, both passion areas of mine. Whether it is the education of the different olive oils in the deli, the sample of a Fran’s salted caramel or better yet, a Zing bar, or an overheard comment from one Zingerman’s employee to a customer as she shared ideal places to camp in Michigan, I came away from the experience with a new story and experience. I come away inspired.

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