Forging Connections

I can’t help but think about Mother’s Day coming up, and with that, memories of my own mother and her many famous recipes.

One aspect of ‪#‎100Kitchens‬ that always rings true is the desire of the meal to help forge connections, both at the table and with memories of meals (and mothers) in the past.

For many reasons, including my own mother who made me lunch at home every day when I was in grade school, I especially identified with Polly Campbell’s take in this article from the Cincinnati Enquirer.…/mothers-day-recipes-p…/83329678/

Oh, and this picture is a meal at Zingerman’s Deli in Ann Arbor. The forging of connections can also occur with friends, especially those who often serve as family. Salut!Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 12.58.41 PM

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